24 Questions

We sat down with Krisha, host of the morning show on Q100.3, to play our game of 24 questions. Here is what she had to say.

1: KM: Favorite Country artist? Past and present.

We sat down with Octavius, radio personality and stand-up comedian for 24 Questions:


  1. KM: Why the name Octavius?

We sat down with Ashe Parker an extremely talented actress and musician to talk about her new film Piranha Sharks and to have a little fun…

KM: So you are an official Kentucky Colonel correct?

AP: “Yes, I am”


While the name may be familiar to you, as the concept has been around for eight years, the look and menu of Seasons Innovative Bar and Grille will be sure to surprise! Under new ownership

“There's a southern accent,
Where I come from.
The young'uns

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With the rush of new restaurants/bars in the Knoxville area over the past couple of years, one in particular has truly come in to its own. Central Flats & Taps, nestled in the heart of the area known


n the humble beginnings of denim the design was for one function and one


function only durability. A mans blue jeans were to last him though the long days of

We recently sat down with Glenn Jacobs, WWE Superstar and owner of Knoxville’s The Jacobs Agency, to discuss their upcoming Concussion Awareness Seminar.


KM: “So tell us, have you always lived in East Tennessee?”

For as long as I can remember I have always loved being active. From sports, exercise, being social with friends, or day to day life, I have always enjoyed being able to do physical activity. For the majority I could always do that with running outside, working construction, or just playing sports and staying in great shape. I always kept a few weights at home, but for the most part I just used the world around me. And yes, on occasion I would go to the gym with a few friends, but in all honesty it was a social thing. I do have to say that by following this routine, I was always in great shape. However as the years went by, working excessively and a slower metabolism made my previous lifestyle not as efficient. Add into the equation the fact that the gym craze was becoming more and more popular and being the skinny guy wasn’t. So of course, slowly but surely I became more and more involved with the gym… roughly three and a half years ago.

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